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Need some Plastic/Fairing help

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  • Need some Plastic/Fairing help

    What type of repair method should I use for this portion of the fairing that has broken off

    (the right side has been broken off for a while and I do have the original piece)

    Plastic Welding?

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    you forgot duct tape...

    I would look into plastic welding... i think that would give you the best chance of it being a permanent job.
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      Plastic welding is the best method. Next best is going to be glass but you really, really gotta prep the surface up rough or it will never stick.
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        +1 on plastic welding...just drive down to Sacramento and I'll fix it for you! I do ok at plastic welding


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          plastic welding is the best but glass will work ok too


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            Plastic weld I agree on but only if it isn't a high stress area IMO. I have some to do also but I am thinking new plastics instead because I don't quite trust my talent as a plastic welder yet.
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              Plastic weld if it is a mounting point / high-stress point. Otherwise just glass it.
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                I had some plastic welding done to repair the fairing on my previous bike after I went down. I paid the guy $50 and he basically filled in everything I needed sloppily.

                When he was finished (took about an hour) I sanded the welds flush and smooth, then had the piece stripped and repainted. It was as good as new and had no weak points.
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