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  • license plate conversion

    i want to do a license plate conversion on my bike the part that holds the license plate and the turn signals the plastic piece looks like it should be on a dirt bike or something vary ugly anyways i am new it bikes and was wondering if someone had a kit or something so i could mount the signals right under the tail light and lose the plastic piecethe bike is a 1994 suzuki katana gsx600f
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    90% of motorcycle forum members do not have a service manual for their bike.

    Originally posted by Badfaerie
    I love how the most ignorant people I have met are the ones that fling the word "ignorant" around like it's an insult, or poo. Maybe they think it means poo
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    but personaly I dont see a point in a 1000 you can get the same power from a properly tuned 600 with less weight and better handeling.