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  • Is this worth saving?

    I have a right side fairing with a couple of holes and scratched up really bad. Also missing a chunk of the bottom part of the fairing. Is this worth saving by plastic welding? Any and all ideas are welcome.
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    it is if you know how to fix it

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      You can fix it you just started sanding it down early haha


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        Wow, that's gonna need a big hunk of donor plastic, but if you have a piece that will work, it's worth fixing.
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          I have no experience in doing this kind of thing but I think I'll use this one to start with. The left side is pretty much ok. I just scored a good right fairing on ebay. Just gunna get it painted.
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            That looks like a really good oppertunity to practice using a variety of different options for repairs to see what will work best for you.

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              I wouldn't repair it and I'm a cheap ***.
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                I would keep it for donor plastic, and watch ebay for something more easily repairable. The problem with a separated part is getting it to all line up correctly again.

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                  I save everything, lol I'm a pack rat. You just never know when you're going to need a broken yo-yo, pine cone or lamp missing the electrical compartments...