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orange pear?

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  • orange pear?

    what is orange pear in paint? how do you see it in the paint? and what is the easyest was to remove it, i know you wet sand but with what grit?

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    it is orange peal... not pear

    It is when there are slight imperfections int eh paint when laid down all paint has it... just look closely don the side of a new car and you can see it.. it is so named cause it looks like an orange peel.
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      What it is is what Z said, imperfections in the paint that give it a bimpy appearance. Wetsanding with 1500-2000 grit and then buffing the shine back up will give that "wet" look or "colored mirror" as I like to call it.
      BTW this is not something that I would recommend trying on your bike (or anything else) until you practice on another junk panel. It is extremely easy to wetsand thru the paint or to burn the clearcoat when buffing. Like everything else there are tricks to it. Learning the hardway can be very expensive. There is a reason that bodyshops charge $2-$400 to wetsand and buff a car. It's labor intensive and easy to FUBAR.
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