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(yet another) painting question

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  • (yet another) painting question

    In Lou's tutorial, he mentions that if you want to take the tank down to the metal, its a PITA. Is there another way to do it? I always just kinda assumed before priming and reapainting you wanted to have a brand new shiny metal surface.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks a ton

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    The best primer you will ever find is the paint that is already there. No sense is stripping it unless you are just a glutton for punishment. Sand off the clear coat and get down into the color good, that's all the farther you need to go.
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      Unless you have rust or another compelling reason never go all the way to bare metal.
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        to add to Jim's comment, You really only need to get past the clearcoat.
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          I have to go to the metal to fix that damn dent

          I hate dents.
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            i would only go down the metal in the area of the dent. make your repairs prime it and wet sand it with the rest of the tank. A good practice to identify high/low spots is to prime it with 1 color (grey) and lightly mist prime it with a secondary color (red) that way when you wet sand it, the high spots wil be easily spotted. Caution dont spray a heavy coat of your secondary primer, it is not needed and will only increase your sanding time. I would use a 1000 grit or higher for your final wet sand.