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  • Spring?

    So i was fiddeling with the casing and switches on the left side handlebars of my 99 Kat 750. I was working on the clutch kill switch and took the switches apart (turn signal, choke ect.) and when I took it apart a small peice of plastic and a spring fell out and I didn't see where they fell from. but now when I put it together my choke switch won't stay in place and snaps back. for the life of me I can't find where this spring goes and its driving me nuts. attached are some pics hope someone can help me
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    1999 Katana 750

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    1999 Katana 750


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      Pictures are focused on the background, so not much help for me... can't see what your holding well enough.

      But, a guess... the small platic piece is a switch, possibly for the turn signals? Spring might to with that. Choke cable not having any resistance means to me it's not seated correctly or being routed correctly, or... the whole assembly is not together and tightened correctly...

      Just alot of unknowns from what info I have so far. I would suggest checking out some oline microfiches, you might be able to find an explination of how it goes together by diagram.

      93 750 Kat

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        If it's a small piece of plastic, with a little spring... it goes behind the choke arm to add some sticksion to it.

        Look for wear marks on the choke lever for some indication about where it goes. It'll only fit one way.

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          got it! thanks guys, it went in underneith the choke switch to give it resistance
          1999 Katana 750