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Clear alternative taillight question

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  • Clear alternative taillight question

    I have a clear alternative taillight on my 01 kat that was put on by the previous owner. The clear shell is very foggy and yellowish and the red LED is very very dim Im not happy with it. I went looking for an intergrated taillight but cant seem to find one for my year which is fine, My question now is do you think it is so dim because of the tarnished clear shell or the led itself. If I where to order another new kit from them does it come with the brackets and all that stuff on the inside as well because when taking it out part of the taillight asembly broke mostly the plastic parts where the bulb mount screws into if that makes sense. I could glue it all back together but whats the point. Do the clear alternatives kit come with leds and everything or is it just the clear shell? I looked over their website and couldnt find my answer.
    My first bike: 2001 Suzuki GSX-F

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    If the taillight is anything like the one I ordered from them (the integrated one), the LED's are pretty dim during the day but atleast IMO pretty bright at night. It comes with the clear shell and the LEDs already on a board so its pretty painless to install. The integrated one just has you solder two wires but the non I dont even think has that.


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      1. There is no integrated solution for the 98-02.
      2. Try finding a headlight restoration kit. It should help you get the casing clear again.
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        walmart. headlight restore kit 19.95


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          I ordered a brand new kit through a dealer near where I live. The guy said a lot of people seem to order them so they cant be that dim. And the set up I bought from clear alternatives has 2 LED clusters instead of one like mine. Im thinking mine might not be from CA we'll see in a few days when I get mine. Also had to order a blank to make a spare key for 11 bucks. But for today im working on getting the stickers and this giant emblem off such a PITA
          My first bike: 2001 Suzuki GSX-F


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            The CA kits usually only come with LED board and lens, if it is integrated resistors to maintain flash rate
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