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just painted my windscreen

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  • just painted my windscreen

    I painted my windscreen this weekend. I used Krylon Fusion Gloss black and Dupli-color clear coat. I wasnt sure if this would work. but it looks good as of now.

    I sprayed the black last night. after brerakfast today i wet sanded it with 2000 grit sand paper. then i cleaned it and put the clear on it. I didnt take any pictures of the wetsanding but it felt very smooth.

    Here are some pictures of it after 2 very light coats of clear and 4 medium coats.

    Before -

    After -

    Have to wait till next weekend anyways to wetsand the clear down then polish.

    PS I painted the outside for a reason. It was horribly scratched up from the PO. It looked like he cleaned it with 150 grit sand paper
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    pics didnt work


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      Looks way better but I probably would have just bought a smoked one
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        I'm actually thinking about doing that, I don't crouch low enough to look through anyway. Nice work.
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          I think it's going to look don't regret it. The original didn't look all that bad, and I might have considered painting just the inside rather than the outer. I presently have a ZG smoked screen on mine, but I've been thinking of shaping the OEM to suit what I want/would like to see.
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            looks good


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              very nice.
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                Thats going to look sweet I'm sure, but i have to wonder - am i the only one who crouches low enough to look through the windcreeen?
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                  Looks fine.

                  Originally posted by Shifty View Post
                  Thats going to look sweet I'm sure, but i have to wonder - am i the only one who crouches low enough to look through the windcreeen?

                  Ummm.... Yes.
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                    Thank you all.

                    Slofuse -
                    Before the paint it had a huge gash in the middle. I couldnt get a good picture of it, and also i painted the outside to practice painting. Planning on painting the whoel bike next winter.

                    Shifty -
                    I made sure this wasn't the case. I even had my father try it. He originally said the same thing you did, but changed his mind when he actually attempted it. I am also bigger boned so i cant go as low as you may be able to.


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                      Looks good.. I stepped on my wind screen and cracked it. Me being a cheap s.o.b., I fiber glassed it with leftover materials from my nephew's rear hugger and sprayed the inside half way up with flat black primer. Then I trimmed the paint line with electrical tape. Check out my garage.


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                        looks good
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                          nice, how long and difficult was it to sand and paint? would you recommend I paint mine or just buy a black one? It seems easy enough.
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                            I painted my stock windscreen ('04 Kat-600) myself a few weeks ago and turned out great!

                            Taped the rib along the edge, bought a can of semi-gloss black paint and put about two coats on it (inside only).

                            So for only about $3, I got the look I wanted
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                              looks good. .