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Footpeg Compatibility

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  • Footpeg Compatibility

    Are the driver's footpegs on the Pre-98 Kats the same as the Post '98 Kats? I busted mine, and have had a harder time finding replacements from the '98 plus models.

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    First off are we talking 600 or 750 , yes the footrest are different. n/m i took the liberty of looking at your profile. now the thing to determine is which model footrest you have k1 k2 or k3. you can see all three here on the first link and compare it to the second link.. hope this helps .

    compare here


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      Did you "bust" just the peg itself or the bracket? From what I found last year in my quest for a left bracket, the actual peg will swap in but the 750 uses a vibration damping weight. That is for the post 98 models. Of course that means you would want to change both pegs. The brackets on the other hand will not interchange.


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        Not revive an old thread, but I'm assuming the diagram in the first link is the foot rest assembly for all three (K1, K2, and K3) models, meaning all of them are identical? Since I couldn't find anything denoting the differences between the three models. If this is true, then I DO have a K1-3, and it DOES look like the peg itself is a direct fit, with only the look of the grip being different. And Greg, to answer you question, only the peg itself broke, the bracket is intact.