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Another shovel bites the dust (pic intensive)

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  • Another shovel bites the dust (pic intensive)

    Finally got round to chop that shovel.
    Already stripped the bike down for some winter maintenance and mods.

    Used the heated stanley knife trick described somewhere else on the forum

    Worked really nice

    Shovel removed and the cut cleaned up a little

    Mock up with frame cover, looks pretty sweet I think.

    Made a cut out in the undertray to fit a LED-light to substitute the now chopped off licenceplate light.
    This worked really nice, the LED is right behind where the tools will be and even gives some light inside the tail.


    With the light on

    Finally I can use that shovel as it was intended

    Pre and post chop

    Really nice and simple mod which I think really cleans up the rear of the bike.
    Still have to clean up a bit with the wiring and such, but I think it came out quite good.
    Haven't figured out what to do about the rear turn signals yet, but I can still use the ones I had before if I put the wingrack back on.
    Some flush signals would of course be good but haven't found the right ones yet.

    Big thanks to all who have posted their chops for inspiration and good ideas.
    2002 GSXF 750

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    Vera nice, I like the flush mount LED. I'll have to use that when I make my undertail...

    93 750 Kat

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      very well done....

      I dont have "hobbies" I'm developing a robust Post-Apocalyptic skill set....


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        Have been looking for the right LED for some time, this one worked out really nice.
        2002 GSXF 750


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          thats the same thing i did...jsut mounted a 6 inch led bar under my nice


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            For turn signals use these.


            I used 'em on my Kat and really like 'em.


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              Originally posted by ctandc View Post
              For turn signals use these.


              I used 'em on my Kat and really like 'em.
              Those look real good, absolutely a possible way to go.
              2002 GSXF 750


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                Nice job, well done mate.


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                  It looks a lot better !!!!!

                  RIP CP
                  50th Anniv R6
                  95 Katana 600


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                    looks awesome that shovel is horrible. when i bought my kat the very first thing i did was get rid of that thing lol


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                      Nice job, and nice write-up/pics!

                      THE DOC
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                      mistake when you make it again.


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                        much better - did the same thing on mine!


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                          those turn signals look like they will be great. I'm gonna have to get those when I chop my fender.
                          Let's go riding!


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                            Originally posted by sharpie6 View Post
                            those turn signals look like they will be great. I'm gonna have to get those when I chop my fender.
                            Yeah those are great.
                            I ended up going with these
                            2002 GSXF 750


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                              Nice work. The previous owner did it for me and I didn't even notice until I got the bike home. 2 questions:
                              1. Where did you get the tag light from?
                              2. How did you mount the tag. Because my plastics were missing fairing bolts I zip-tied the tag but once I get the proper fairing bolts then I will have to find another way to mount.
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