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RANT Painting Solo-cowl RANT

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  • RANT Painting Solo-cowl RANT

    Well. I decided to paint it on my own....and give my painting skills another chance. After ordering the aeresol can from and waiting till the weather was on par (below 90% humidity) I decieded to get the cowl out for the new paintjob. I bought it used from KAT6. After sanding it down to give the new paint something to grab, wiping it down with wax/grease remover...I painted away.

    But I felt something wasn't right. The color was going on pretty I decided to paint another coat about 2 min later. I wet sanded these coats....and painted again....feeling the can was getting low.....I used all of it up.........only to wet sand again to the previous coat.

    I was ticked. So now I have to wait for another can to come...and hope it was from the same batch as the one I had.

    So I have a half-painted blue/black satin finish cowl hanging in the garage waiting for 3 more coats of blue.

    I feel like a dumbass. Althought the paint did dry to a nice smmoooootth finish that required almost no wet sanding, I still want to kick my own ass.

    So for those doing may want to buy 2 cans......just to be on the safe side.
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    what color primer did you use? If you used gray, you may want to go white, and vice versa.
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      It took lou, 2 full cans to do mine, didnt it dude ?


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        Wow Eric, that sucks, now not only do you have a tailight that looks like a dogs penis, you went ahead and screwed up your solo cowl. Whats next, are you gonna try to fit a kawasaki zx12 motor in your katana..pshhh, what a moron


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          FFFFFFF UUUUUU Steve...You're just jealous that My Kat is blue....the fast color, thats why you know why my Kat's tail is like a see it enough. (that sounds weird now)

          Na. Another can of paint is on the way.....just have to make sure it lasts.....good god if I have to buy another..........
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