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  • Help! Need suggestions!

    So, I started out with this....

    And now I have this....

    I have cut the shovel, slip-on added, removed decals (still working on the adhesive), new paint on belly pan and rear and polished that grab bar to a nice shine!

    I'd like to add some decals but can't afford Tapeworks... I was thinking silver decals for the black and yellow parts...? Then, I'll move on to changing the lenses? Help! What can I do.....? Oh yeah, and like everyone else, I'm poor.

    Thanks for the help! I'll check back in a few hours. I'm off to the track this morning for some more peg scraping fun!

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    go to the auto parts store. buy some black paint. paint your swingarm. then polish your wheels. even if you only do the lips of the wheels, it will still set it off. you can also do the wire screen mod (put wire screen over the holes in your side fairings). those are probably the cheapest mods i would suggest. but if you want to get crazy, then get a solo seat.

    furthermore, the reasoning behind painting your swing arm, is that you can't polish it. its made out of steel and if you try polishing it, you won't get a very good shine, and it will rust, quickly. also, if you leave your swingarm the way it is now, then if you polish your wheels, you'll have 2 different colors of silver, chrome, gray, whatever you want to call it. thats my opinion on what i think would look good. best of luck.
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      get a seat cowl, then get a tinted front shield, any decals or paint job must fit your personality and style. here is a pic of mine for fun and thoughts....

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        Wait, Poor and Track don't go together in the same paragraph!?

        I'm not a decal fan, so I second the notion for the seat cowl.


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          Someone here just polished there swingarm and it looked pretty nice.

          I agree with the mods listed above though. Polish the lips of your rims and such.
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            Thanks guys! These are the least expensive mods I've seen so far. I'll keep you posted on how it turns out. So far, so good......


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              Originally posted by SweetLou
              Someone here just polished there swingarm and it looked pretty nice.
              Sho did and here it is.