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Pre98 Flushmount Turnsignals

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  • Pre98 Flushmount Turnsignals

    I'm new to this site and motorcycle riding. I noticed the flushmount front turnsignals on ebay and was wondering if they can fit a pre98 600. Do you have to modify anything to make them fit? Thanks.

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    depends on the size i think the hole is a 1 1/4 inch you might want to double check.


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      I have some carbon fiber ones that I'm not going to put on. I bought them, then decided I wanted black instead of carbon fiber since that is what my back ones are. 20 dollars shipped to your door. Brand new, but I am not fur sure if I still have the box? Let me know if you are interested. They do fit, and cover the existing hole.
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        I have flush mounts on my bike and you do not have to do anything but install them. If yours are like mine they have a plastic piece on the back that screws off. Just unscrew that put the turn signal through the faring and screw the plastic nut on and hook up the wires. If you need pics of mine let me know and I will get you some. I would not go with the ones that you have to put screws into your fairings.