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    Handydandy: I'll bet you $ you didn't make the homemade sliders in your home....huh... Most of us do know who did or atleast retails them.
    Glad to hear they worked for you.


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      Originally posted by Handydandy View Post

      Clamps for frame sliders were home made! and the frame sliders themselves were from cycle barn, dont know the brand!

      I have to call B.S.

      im sorry but those are my sliders and brackets look at the radial cuts on the top plate, you cant do that at home. Try looking at my website.
      Katana Frame Sliders
      The only fully tested and proven Katana sliders Rear sliders, 520 conversion, gas caps and more.
      98+ Slider are "CyberPoet Endorsed" R.I.P.
      I couldn't have done this without you.


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        I go to school for diesle technology, we have welders/steal/aluminum at hand.
        why spend $200 bucks for something you can make for $15-$20 at school?
        dont email me about how you think i cant do what i know i am capable of!

        Here is an example just of one of the things we make in class using steal. Any of you ever Make a brake caliper compressor? Prob. Not, you dont really need one, but they are help full. If any of you even know what that is! here is pic. to help you, you can figure it out if your smart just by the name!

        Anyways if you so, set on getting them or finding out how frame sliders work, buy them.
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          I think you mean STEEL, you know the kind of thing someone in trade school would know.
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            Originally posted by arsenic View Post
            I think you mean STEEL, you know the kind of thing someone in trade school would know.
            steal is like mystery metal. Y'know, the kind you sneak out of the scrap bin while the boss isn't looking.