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  • Trimmed Pre Fairings

    Has anyone trimmed the stock pre fairings? My bike has been laid down on both sides so it has some road rash. I have thought about getting new fairings and having them painted, but I also like the streetfighter look. Has anyone trimmed the fairings to expose more of the engine but still have a portion of the main fairing on the bike? I have been trying to find pictures of what I am picturing in my head but I might have to try some photoshop work.

    I found one picture in the gallery, but I dont like how this one was trimmed.

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    not mine:


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      thats one mean kat


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        Originally posted by chinto View Post
        not mine:

        That schit is slick! Anyone know what kind of tail that is?
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            dain those are some sick kats i like that ****


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              me some motivation!


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                That yellow one is almost exactly what I want to do with mine, probably without the part that comes down in the front tho
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                  cut fairnings look dope!


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                    I trimmed mine, just basically left the parts around the headlight. I will have to see if I have any pictures of it on the bike.

                    Well, this is the only picture I can find, but it only shows the trimmed lower fairings.

                    I will try to get another pic with the headlight area trim I did.
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