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Conversion project finally done!!!!

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  • Conversion project finally done!!!!

    After months of bust-assin-hell on this infernal machine it's finally finished...well pretty much. Still some detail and finer points to work out but for the last two days I've been riding non stop. After about 8 months of it being down it's sooooo freakin nice to be able to just get on and ride, and it's running great and idling perfect for the first time in a long time. Here's a "short" list of the work I did to it:

    -Custom 4-2-1 exhaust that I welded myself including a D&D slip on from an 02 R6, it relplace the 4-2-2 with dual mufflers that I had before.
    -custom tail section and undertail
    -Hand made LED brake/Tail lights
    -custom LED undertail lighting
    -custom LED engine and front fork accent lighting
    -swingarm mounted liscence plate with LED plate light mounted in the tail section so that there are no wires around the plate or swingarm. It's very bright and, surprisingly enough, legal.
    -Re-covered black leather seat
    -custom fabricated mirror mount
    -aftermarket grips installed
    -frame sliders from an 04 CBR
    -completly customized front end conversion with upper fairing and headlight from an 04 Gixxxer 600. Windsheild and headlight were blacked out and driving lights were added in the ram air ducts. It was sooooo much fun getting this to fit on the bike
    -flush mount turn signals mounted on new upper fairing
    -Gloss black dupont chromabase two stage basecoat/clearcoat paint job...sprayed by myself.

    Well that's what I can think of off the top of my head, on to the before and after pics yyeeeaahhhhhh...

    Front end...

    Side shots...

    Some more pics...

    --2002 Triumph Daytona 955i
    --'91 Katana 600/'04 Gixxer 600 Hybrid

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    OMG, do you have mid project body work pics? That's freakin sweet!


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      Thats sweet...Is that a kit or custom job?

      Looks awesome!

      I love the handles on the sides! It will be easy to load in a truck if you have trouble...oh wait...damn...nevermind, framesliders!


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        Thats definately awesome !! superb job !! Seeing the finished product always makes it worth while !!


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          KOTM July!!!

          That fairing is sick!!!


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            I am very impressed, i would love some closer up pics of how you got the front end to mesh with the body work as well as night pics of the tailights and a closer picture of the undertail. Also the custom header work would be great to see. I love when people go crazy on a bike like that.



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              Well done, nice job
              Ok, no more mister nice guy, i've met the guy in the street, and he's a wanker.


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                That is some seriously nice work there. Looks great. I bet ya have people wondering what the heck that sweet looking bike is
                92 Katana 600, Full Jardine Exhaust.

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                  Daumn!!!!!! That front end is Hella Sweet!!!! I too vote for pics of how you got the GSXR front end on there!!!!
                  -89 Gixxer 1100 Engine
                  -Stage 3 Jet Kit / KNN Pod Filters
                  -Ohlins Susupension
                  -Various Other Mods


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                    Nice work on the bike. Outstanding job one I would vote for.
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                      Ah...not bad.

                      Just kidding...excellent work!


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                        I want to see the transformation of the front end also. Although I like the black a lighter color would have shown off the crazy front end better.
                        That bike is hott!!!
                        great job
                        92 Katana 600 Project bike
                        Some assembly required is my middle name!!!


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                          Originally posted by Waltari
                          Ah...not bad.
                          Just kidding...excellent work!
                          That is high praise!!


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                            That is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!
                            Definatly a one of a kind Kat!!!!!!!!!!!

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                              Thanks everyone 8)

                              kickitjp, I have a few pics that I took along the way but I don't know how much help they might be. I'll post them up shortly.

                              Otla, it was definetly all custom. As far as the outrageously huge frame sliders lol I wanted something "over the top". I laid it down before and it still has an oil leak from when I had to replace the side engine cover. I've nicknamed them the "captain pegs" cause I can put my right foot up on the right frameslider and place my hand on my knee and my other hand on my side in a Captain Morgan-esque pose

                              Tyler, I'll get some closeup and night pics soon
                              --2002 Triumph Daytona 955i
                              --'91 Katana 600/'04 Gixxer 600 Hybrid