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Polished Frame ! ? !

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  • Polished Frame ! ? !

    Hey fellas, i was wondering if anyone has polished their frames. i finally have a chance to get to work on my bike this year, and i have already started, now just need to make sure i'm headed in the right direction. thanks

    painting her a flat black

    here's the polished frame as of right now, with a polished lip on the rims(going to paint the inside gloss black)
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    looks good!!!
    What did you paint the bike with ?
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      looking good so far man
      Hello World.


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        thanks alot. the bottom pic is of the old paint. before it was painted a texture black. very different from any other paint job i've seen, but i thought it's time to do something new. this new paint, is just a can job, duplicolor flat black, and i used filler primer and primer behind it, to make sure it's extra smooth. i have a paint gun and compressor, but i'm curious how good i could do with a can! i'm not sure what i should do with the frame tho. it seems to want to rust all the time, so i gotta figure that out. also, i need to take the rims off, is that easy? i haven't done it ever before, so i'm kind of in the dark. thanks


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          Polished frame looks good!

          And the rims are not hard to remove, but you will prolly want a extra set of hands when you go to put them back on.
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            thanks Lou. it's only got 8000 on her, so she's in pretty good shape, i just need to replace the fork seals, and the brakes are being a bitch. i bleed them, and the fronts are still moosh, i need to pump them once or twice before they grab. any ideas?