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For any artists out there

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  • For any artists out there

    Hey I found this site while I was trying to figure out how to paint some graphics on my surfboard.....

    They worked fricking awesome on my board, sorry no pics to show, it was lost in hurricane ivan, but I am going to try this on my bike when I get round to painting it. I'm positive they would work well on fairings, and u just clear coat them when u get done. Anyway if ur an artist and want to put some serious graphics on ur bike I would definitely try them out

    Oh and if u want to see some pics of the quality of the paint check this site out..... and just check out some of the boards this guy paints he has mad skills

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    Are you talking about painting a board before or after it is glassed. I mean every board I have ever seen was glassed after the details were applied.
    I had an awsome T&C Ben Aipa triple skeg board (signed by the late, great man himself) that got trashed when my board straps broke going down I-95 to Fernandina Beach last year. It was a work of art. $500.00 gone. I almost died.
    Try to get some pics of the work on the board. I'll be getting another one in a month or so and I might just try it.
    Remember, no shoulder hopping!


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      That sucks about ur board, bout 6yrs ago I saved my meagerly paychecks all summer so I could buy a brand new $700 pearson arrow. I had it in the back of my truck then my great friend of mine comes along and tossed a shovel right on top of it.......left a nice long muddy scratch and three big dings . I didnt even get to ride it before I had it back to the shop to get fixed

      I painted mine after I had it for about a couple years. As long as u get all the wax off it paints just fine over the glass, then u just clear coat over ur paint job. I didn't get to see how long it lasted since the hurricane hit and lost my room for it for the evac, but if u are getting a brand spankin new board u should just be able to paint, just wash the area with a small mix of some soap and water and u shoudl be good to go.


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        Thanks CoNViCT.