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Clear Alternatives Integrated Tailight Installation

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  • Clear Alternatives Integrated Tailight Installation

    Ive been looking a lot at these and I would really like to get one for my 05 becuase I think the plastic fender and blinkers in the back look tacky. I was just wondering if anyone had these on their bike and how they like it and how difficult it was to install. Does it come with harnesses? Or is there splicing involved? Also, how difficult is it to remove the fender and old blinker lights? Thanks for you help.

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    I have it and love it...

    Ease of installation is not that bad..

    the lights themselves have a socket that plugs into one of the empty sockets once you take the stock bulbs out. then I got an old turn signal harness from SpecialK and spliced into it for the resistors and turn signals. That way it is as simple as unplug the turn signal wires and i can take it off. Pretty slick stuff... I did solder my connections for the resistors and used heat shrinking on the connections for a more professional look.
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      Go for it Scooba Steve.

      You know you want to!
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        There are several on ebay that come with all the hardware to change your stock over