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GSXR swingarm on a 06 Kat?

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    I'm NOT always trying to sell stuff. I don't want it to seem that way at all. I don't tell people things to sell parts, You have to realize, if you talk about it, I probably have it


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      but it really wasn't that hard to fit the wheel. The hardest part was making sure it was center and that the rear sprocket was centered with the front one.

      It rolls smooth and fits well. Granted, it is closer to the edge of the swingarm, but I bet if I measured it one could possibly squeeze a 190. Not saying that is what my intentions were/are. I wanted a 170. The 170 didn't look right or feel right on the 4.5 rim. Did dome reading up on mods for an SV measured my friends SV found out it would work and then put my mind to it.

      The links for the information that I pulled from are

      The hardest part was measuring and getting the correct spacing. I bought myself a good caliper and measured, measured, and then just when I thought I had the correct lengths to cut, I measured again.

      I wouldn't say this would be the easiest job for a do-it-yourselfer, but then again, I'm not the best fabricator, just took my time and really thought the process out.

      If anyone would like more info PM me and I will send you my number to talk it out. The process was pretty involved and taking pictures and writing the steps down didn't enter my mind until I was pretty much finished, but I do remember what I did, and I have the wheel installed to know that it does in fact work.


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        Originally posted by loudnlow7484 View Post
        I'm pretty sure KatanaPR3 has a gsxr swingarm on his bike.

        yeah thats true....check his garage out

        I dont have "hobbies" I'm developing a robust Post-Apocalyptic skill set....


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          take off the wheel measure up the spacers .. and viola .. someone can get them milled at the local machine shop
          so many roads so little time