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Black is the fastest color

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  • Black is the fastest color

    Although I agree that black is the fastest colour =) I do have a question.
    I guess since I am preparing to paint my bike, I think I need to know which kind of black would be the fastest color.
    I think I am stuck between two choices, the typical high gloss and the flat paint featured here:

    Really, I am planning on painting my bike black and just can't decide between the two.

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    I really like the flat look, and I think it looks faster. I had a flat job on my car one time and it was super easy to scratch... maybe it was just the pain I had on there but it got pretty scratched up. I still think it looks great though.


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      I say flat, more unique and modern


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        flat black owns


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          I say flat as well, that is what I am going to paint mine. If anyone knows where I can get those stickers show in the pictures it would be a big help. I have been looking for them. PM me the links if you know.
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            Paint it red and forget about it

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              I think the more glossy the better. I looks the best when clean.


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                Have the best of both worlds, come up with a nifty design using gloss & flat.
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                BTW, I think they may have been correct. It does appear that BLACK is indeed the FASTEST color. R.O.R...R.I.P.M

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                  Gloss looks really nice when clean and polished, flat looks stealth like, cool, but it allways looks dirty.
                  Also, and strangely, glossy varnish is more resistant to damage.
                  Flat also makes the bike look smaller and it is not as much eye catchy.

                  Go glossy, it looks better.
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                    glossy all the way


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                      i'm with Fasher on this one.... Try to get a design on there with gloss over flat...

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                        I change my vote. Agree with a 2-tone black scheme. I have to see that!


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                          I may have to put thought into that...
                          The belly pan gets the dirtiest so glossy down there... Hmmm if I figure something out I will post it.


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                            Mine was an awful teal green with purple and yellow graphics when I bought it and now it looks it looks 1000000000 times better since I painted it flat black.
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                              Gloss black never goes out of style.

                              IMO-Flats and semi-flats are a fad brought back from 50's hot rodding. Kinda reminds me of the chopper craze. Brought back just to die all over again. Although some bikes and cars look really good with it, I just see it as a here today, gone tomorrow kind of thing.

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