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How-TO hook up garage door opener on bike

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  • How-TO hook up garage door opener on bike

    this was found on another site but thought this might help someone out so i am posting it here......
    Some people have inquired about hooking up a garage door opener swetch on the bike, so you don't have to fumbl about as you pull into the driveway. I finally had mine done with much thanks to a riding buddy. He hooked me up with all parts and labor so actual cost of the fob is not known. I believe he mentioned he picked up everything needed for about $15. that's assuming you can use a door opener you already own. Otherwise you can find a universal one at Home Depot for around $30.

    First you need a switch. He found there at Radio Shack and they come in a pack of four.....two black and two red only need one, but u can always hook up a buddy.....

    We used basic two pair wire...telephone line will work just only need two of the wired though....then with a soldier gun and very little soilder..connect the wirte to the switch.
    My garage door opener is a Genie, but i assume most types have the same basic remote systems. He opened up the remote and removed the circiut board from inside ..when looking ar the boards top side you cans see the botton for operation...flip board over and you see four soilder connections to thes button..He took a multimeter set it for ohms, and touched these connections....(two at a time) while another friend pushed the botton on the front of the board..once finding the two contacts needed , he soildered the other end of the wire to the circuit board. I used the wire connectors so i can still take the remote out for use in my truck. then we pute the remote back together.

    We used the bottom bolt of the brake fluid reservoir for my switch mounting location.........then we used a bracket strapand cut it our for just two for the switch and one to mount to the bike...He gave it an oval shape so you don;t get and sharp corners on can shape it and color it as you desire.
    Then i used a strip of velcro on the back or the remote and mounted under my sear on the right side of the manual/registration box..again i used velcro and the wire connectors for easy remocal so i can still use this remote when driving my truck...for a more permenant fixture you can add double sided sticky tape, super glue , or whatever works for you.

    We ran the wire along the frame right up to the switch positon..its best to put the wire inside some wire loom(black plastic tubing) , which can also be picked up at Radio Shack, for better protection from motor heat and whatnot.....

    WEll sorry i didn't add pics with this post but i hope it helps out someone that needs this done...................

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    Thanks for the info!
    Pics would really help though!


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      That's great. Thank you. I saw something on EBay that you can use with your highbeam switch to open the door but this is much cheaper. Maybe someone can put in here how to use the highbeam switch if that has been figured out.


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        already did that.

        By the way I did this and fried my remote. I used a genie remote just like in the writeup becouse it runs on a 12v battery but after a day it didny work any more. I think the reason was becouse the bike while running is actually at 14.4v instead of 12v.
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          OK so I decided to go for it. Did basically the same thing as above except for the switch. I picked one up from Radio Shack for less than 3 bucks. I mounted this in the right pod where there is a blank. Here are before and after pics.
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