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  • Just an idea

    hello everyone.....i just had an idea......why don't you guys at KR add a section on here called How - to section and post all the modds and how to do for example how kwebbel modded his new dash........he did such an amazing job at posting pics along with his work.............cause i don't know about anyone else but i kinda like a pic along with a description of work being that i might be able to do it as

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    check the sticky's in the Service Departement section. i'm sure if kwebbel posted up a "how-to" a moderator would have stepped in and made it a sticky
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      yeah the did make his post a sticky......but i would really like to see a section just with these kind of posts to make it easyier for newbies like me to find.............along with SweetLou's post on how to paint the bike.....awsome work and great detail.........maybe they can move all the stickys to a place all their was just an idea


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        That is a good idea. I'm always looking for cool ways to do mods. Kitkat did help me with my mesh. If you just ask someone how they did something usually they are very helpful in assistance.
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          I think yhey used to have a how to section but they got rid of it for some reason. Does anyone know why?
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            We have the sticky's up there for example, like Trinc's how to's are in there. If somebody has a question about a mod, or mechanical problem, there's always someone who can postup info about it,if it's not already in a sticky. But we'll take the idea under advisement.

            FYI, there's always changes and evolutions w/ KR, as we strive to make it the most complete site that we can. In the future, when the full start page is up, there will be links and info on how to's as well.