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Removing old decals

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  • Removing old decals

    Right now I am starting the process of prepping my plastic for some flat black paint action. I am having a really hard time remove the old decals. Whats the best way? Heat gun, goo gone and muscle?

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    Not sure if this would help, considering your repainting anyway, but here's what I went through...

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      On my '01 Kat logo and 750 decals I did the following

      I used a heat gun(hairdry dont cut it) to heat the decal then peel it off. Used GooOff for the
      remaining glue..takes some work and be carefule when using any
      type of solvent on paint. After I didnt mine there was a oil like shadow in
      just under the clearcoat...sat for 2 hrs in warm garage and it evaporated.
      Couldnt even tell a sticker was ever there and paint oil stain was gone
      with NO signs of ever being there
      Took me about 3hrs or so..not going to come off easy
      Hope this helps
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        Yea it looks like I have my work cut out for me. I tried it out with a heat gun on the rear fairing. It worked pretty well for the vinyl "slash" decal. But the "600" decal is more of a metallic type material. That was a PITA. It came off but with a lot of work. Looks like the "katana" decal is the same material and it is a LOT bigger. I've got some work to do for sure.

        Thanks for the link but I'm def going to be repainting. Th PO dumped it on both sides and there are a bunch of scratches and cracks. Also, while I was replacing the engine I stored the plastic and tank under a press. My friends laid up a board without moving them and now most of my plastic and tank has white epoxy on them. The right rear fairing is the worst, it has a puddle on it. I might just need to scrap that one and buy a new one.

        Its a blue '97 btw.


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          I removed my decals with a heat gun like everyone else I guess. But i have used hot water from a kettle on a couple of cars. Boil the kettle. Pour a small amount on the decal and wipe off. You can then pick away at the decal. Repeats these steps util finished.


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            theres some stuff i bought from pepboys, it's made by 3M, it's in a black and gold tin can type thing and it's called adhesive remover, works great.
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              Does anyone know any methods for removing decals that have been clearcoated over? (in preparation for a repaint)

              I figure I'll need to sit there with the sander until they're all gone.
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