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Anyone have any luck using Color Rite aerosol can touch up?

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  • Anyone have any luck using Color Rite aerosol can touch up?

    I have an area i would say needs to be touched up. The thing is i know the paint pen will not give the results i want! I wanted to know if anyone here has used the aerosol products and how was the outcome?

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    I used their base and top coat last week to paint my solo cowl. The paint seems to go on pretty decent as long as you follow their instructions. I had trouble with deciphering what color was coming out of the can though...I used a gray primer (which I should have used a black primer) and the color i was painting was white...It started to look like as much as I kept adding coats the grayer it got. So i said screw it and started with the top coat and then I cleared it. I would recommend getting their clear coat as well. I had a problem with the clear I used (which wasn't theirs) "orange peeling" a bit....Although I just wet sanded it tonight and it looks damn good (biased opinion though lol). It was pricy though to buy it from them...It was $70.01 for my 2 cans of paint but I did get them within 3 days.



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      Donmt use the colorite clear coat. It dosent have a fan tip and it is really hard to get good eaven coat. I would recomend useing duplicolor.
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        I used it on mine and it came out pretty good. however for $100 you could find someone local
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          First, the only thing you should use from Duplicolor is there Color Coat.

          As Corey said, it has the fan tip, the primer coat and the clear coat do not, and it is very hard to get a even coat.

          Duplicolor has fan tips on there paint. Go with a Dupli Color primer, and a Dupli Color Clear. Do a few Coats of the clear, then sand and buff after it has cured to get ir of the Orange Peel effect. There Paint is good, they just need to put the fan tip on everything, not just the color coat. Dupli Color is also cheaper.
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