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How long does it take to do a complete mesh mod?

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  • How long does it take to do a complete mesh mod?

    I want to do this mod this weekend but need to know how long it will take?Plus are the fairing easy to take off? Could someone run me through the process?

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    Fairly easy, you could get the fairings off, cut the mesh and put in place, leave it over night, and put them back on your bike the next day and be out for a ride Sunday eve!!

    I assume you have the mesh.
    fairings go here
    Cut into shapes for the holes, wire cutters are fine, be careful of the sharp edges.
    Make sure that all the mesh is pointing in the right direction.
    I used clear heat resistant silicone.
    I also slightly bent the edges of the mesh around the edges.
    I put silicone around the holes and then laid the mesh down, then some more over top.

    I used some pop cans and phone books strategically to push them all down without touching the edges.
    Left it over night, the next afternoon, I put the fairings back on

    that was over 2 years ago and they are fine.

    Other people may have different ways they did it........
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      Thank You Katgirl for the info,might be doing that later today! We have rainy weather here in Rhode Island!


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        I did my mesh mod in just a weekend..and the longest process was letting the mesh sit after putting it on so the adhesive was set and ready to go.

        Be sure to wear gloves when cutting the mesh to fit the holes properly since it can be quite sharp.

        Super easy mod to do that looks great !


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          I actually used a hot glue gun for mine instead of epoxys? not sure if it was a good idea but she dried in minutes!! I'll let ya know if it falls off!
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            i used the black plastic gutter guard.after six months,its still very tight.used a fix of eposy and hot glue


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              I originally used a regular hot glue gun. After riding in 100+ degree weather I noticed sone areas came undone. I redid it with some JB Weld and some 2 part epoxy and it has been fine since.


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                Does anyone have pics of what it looks like when its complete?
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                  Here is what mine look like
                  2004 CBR 1000 RR I dont gottagofaster anymore ....


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                    check on the www link in profile, you'll see several pictures, and also check the KR album in my personal album.. lots of em there.