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repairing a drop

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    glad you walked away what happend for you to drop it at 70?


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      Originally posted by zuma View Post
      Sorry about the wounded Kat. In October I dropped my 06 Kat 750 at 70 mph and it slid about 90 feet. It scraped the mirror, broke out the turn indicator, and put three deep scrapes with gashes all the way through on the upper right fairing...but hey, I survived, walked away from it (at least a little way before lying down in the sand).

      Two weeks later I ordered a pair of turn indicators, bought some chrome wire mesh, and removed the fairing. I didn't think I could match the metallic red paint, so I cut the scratched areas out with a Dremel, then carved the cut-out places into "scoops", following the shape and contour of the fairing's natural lines. Then I shaped the chrome mesh to fit the shape and contour of each cut-out, and epoxied each of the three pieces into place from the back of the fairing.

      I intended for this to be a temporary fix until I could get the $400 together for the unpainted fairing replacement. However, it looked so good that people who have seen the results have told me it looks so cool that I ought to do the same exact thing to the other side. I laugh and tell them, "No way! That spill at 70 put me on crutches for two weeks. I might not survive another just like it on the other side!"

      Seriously...think about fixing it yourself and backing it up with chrome mesh if you have to make cut-outs. I think you'll be surprised at the ease of the job as well as the results.
      Have any pictures?


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        well good luck on the repairs if you havent already got them done. I have been working on my bike and another first time for me as well and I can tell ya one thing for shore make sure you clean the area where you are gonna be using the epoxy and fiberglass. Here is the my thread on repainting the bikes. my buddy has the pre and his pannels were in about the same shape as yours maybe a lil worse than yours.
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          well I'm still kinda lamed up but after a couple nice days we've had I decided I gotta get the kat done so I can get it out. Using one minute epoxy I've managed to epoxy all the cracks up. put a little fiber glass in behind the major ones. started fiber glassing the broken piece by the left mirror today, just waiting for it to dry then filling it in with spot putty. should work good. wonder if I'm better off putting a couple layers of fiber glass or if I layer'd be good with spot putty over top?


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            Best way to fix it would be with a plastic welder, if you know someone that has access to one. Kind of like soldering only with plastic wire. Thats what I used on my '88 and have been riding for 2 years with nothing coming back. The epoxy may hold for a little while, but I don't think it's a long term solution.


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              thought about renting one since no one I know has one. as rough as they are I'm only lookin for a fix for now kinda thing. eventually I'm thinking bout replacing them because they are really rough. Just want to get a few seasons in before putting new on since I am a noob to riding.


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                Originally posted by gsxblaze View Post
                just bought my bike from a guy who dropped it.
                the plastics are in need of quite a bit of repair and there's alot of scuffs in it. I like the paint scheme it has so I'm wondering if you think it'd be possible to touch it up (match the paint) or if it'll have to be redone. the flames on the bottom are done with chameleon paint so I dunno if it can be touched up.
                let me know what ya think
                Mine looked the same way when I bought it but mine was dropped on both sides. I did all the body work myself on mine. I used fiberglass resin and a body filler after that. The big cracks are hard to repair but it can be done.


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                  When I get really sleepy but fight it and stay up, I doze off for a few seconds from time to time and dream up very creative solutions to problems- only thing is, they are so out there they won't work, and my mind erases them as soon as I wake up. Then I am left with this half-memory of them, and the impression that if only I could recall them completly, I could get rich with them and make lots of people happy and thus they would adore me.

                  I just went thru that process with the flames on your Kat- some hair-brain idea that would presumably allow you to keep the black flames just as they are on the new paint job.

                  And like I said, it wouldn't work and I can't remember it, anyway.
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                    well as helpful as that is I'm just gonna repaint with silver and black lol. now I'm just trying to decide if I want to go the easier/cheaper way and buy rattle can or if I wanna actually rent a sprayer and try to do it that way


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                      well been really busy over the past couple weeks but managed to start paintin today, should be done by tommorow. I'll have some pics of it up as soon as possible. just doing it with the ol canadian tire rattle cans but it's suprisingly not lookin to bad.