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What color paint is the headset where your keys go?

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  • What color paint is the headset where your keys go?

    I dont know if any of you have scratches from your keys on your headset,but mine is a little scratched up. I want to touch it up but dont know if it can be painted to match. The person before me must of had is whole key set jinglin around!

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    Yes it can be painted to match. I had my upper triple tree done. It will look awesome if you do. I have some pics of it up on here somewhere in a thread. You can go to and click thru the albums.


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      I hate that, I used to keep my bike key and my house key on my bike keychain, but it jingled around too much, and drove me nuts, so I just carry my other keys in my pocket, under the seat, or whatever.


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        HS2020---is that paint or powder coat? Either way it looks really cool...I'm going to have mine powder coated to match my rims...but since I saw yours I am definately doing it!!
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        nah nah nah nah nah nah JAX! (special thnx to sexwax)


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          Jax that is paint. The guy that painted my bike did that for free when I had him repaint some plastics for me that I got off ebay. I tried putting some clear plastic over it but that didn't work out. I still have my stock one that is going to be powdercoated black I think or chromed then a transparent blue over that. That looks really awesome. Saw some engine parts done like that and all I can say is SWEET.