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Just Dumped - My '91 Kat is hurt

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  • Just Dumped - My '91 Kat is hurt

    I just dumped my '91 kat today. She was in perfect condition until I ran her into a retaining wall this afternoon. I need a new windshield, new right mirror and a whole new right side panel.

    Theres also some other damage. I spent about 400 I'd say on the crash. Plus I got to screw up my arm for free.

    The good part about it is that it was the best fall I've ever had off a bike. Didnt do much but put a 1/2 inch gash in my forearm.

    I'M SAD! =o(

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    well how did you pull that off? wall just jump out in front of you?


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      that sucks buddy, how did you crash, what happened?


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        We're you wearing any gear when it happened? Sorry for the crash man!


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          you can PM Special K for parts!

          I hope you are alright and learned from it.
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            ouch. glad nothing worse happened to you. what happened?

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              That sux. Could have been worse. Thankfully you are here to talk about it.


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                sorry to hear about your wreck. glad you are ok for the most part. bike is fixable. and umm, sounds like you weren't wearing any gear since you got a gash in your forearm. you know, a nice jacket would have kept that from happening. just a thought for next time.

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                  Ohhh, sorry to hear. At least its out of the way now. Most importantly did you learn anything from it?
                  Bike will fix up, and you will heal up. Take care
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