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Flip Top Windsceen & Fat Rear Tire

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  • Flip Top Windsceen & Fat Rear Tire

    I am thinking about putting on a larger windscreen, either a zero gravity sport touring or a flip top sport touring screen. My question is which would be better for two up riding: the flip top looks like it might be better, but I have heard somewhere they were noisier and deflected air over the riders head onto the passenger - I want to know if this is true, or if there are screens that are better for two up riding.

    In addition, I am replacing tires, and see some talk about a 160 on the rear rather than a 150. Is there any advantage in this? Lots of my riding is in the city and expressway, and most of the talk I see about rear tires is about how they look. I am particuarly interested in how they perform.

    BTW I bought Jdogs 2001 750: he is a very classy guy, and made buying from someone who I met the first time at the point of sale very easy.