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Front fairings?

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  • Front fairings?

    I've decided I like my Kat naked, but don't want to leave all the gauge wires and such so exposed. So, any fairings that would cover that, but not much else?

    I considered cutting the old plastic, but I figured it would probably be nicer (and possibly profitable )to recondition them and sell them off.

    Otherwise, if I can figure out how to model a base for one, I could try my hand at making a customer fiberglass one.
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    How artistic are you? If you have the ability to sculpt you should have no problem setting up a template for a fiberglass mold.
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      I'm the engineer type, not the artistic. Straight angles are fine, curved not so much. But given enough time...

      It's not so much making the shape, it's making one that will fit the existing stuff.

      edit: some plastic sheets would make a decent base. The flat, 'indented' strip at the top of the headlight--is that supposed to be free, or covered?
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        Naturally it depends on what look you want. You can slap an SV headlight on there and any of the standard fly screens.
        There is a company on eBay that sells fly screens for the 919 Honda (fit about any single headlight bike) The Buell flyscreen is sharp and one guy here used a dual headlight Buell fairing.
        I made my own gauge cluster then molded a fiberglass cover for the back to cover the wires and gauge backs..