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    Okay everyone :smt100 ,

    I've done searches, I've looked at ride profiles, and I cannot find pics of the mesh mod done on a pre 98. Is the hole in the center too large to get screen to fit, meaning do they make it that wide? If anyone has any info on this that would be awesome.

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    You know, someone in the last few weeks posted a pic. For the life of me I can't remember. It was a pre 98 silver Kat with some red decals if memory serves me correctly.
    Hopefully someone smarter than me will remember, or the owner will post up
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      I hope so too.

      I've checked at my local Menards and Home Depot, and for the life of me I cannot find mesh big enough to cover that hole. I could be looking in the wrong place, but still. I suppose I could swallow my pride and ask someone that works there if they have any, but that would be the easy way.
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        do a search on expanded metal you should come up with a bunch of hits. You could also look up perforated metal if you want something different. Check out HD and tell them you want to make a cover for your radiator at home. The stuff is there just not where you would expect to find it.
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          gutter mesh tends to come in gutter size sheets..however, i used contractors mesh.. looks cool, and came in a big sheet of like 10x20 or something like that..

          mine is a 2000, but this is what it looks like..


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            Originally posted by Need4Speed750
            gutter mesh tends to come in gutter size sheets..however, i used contractors mesh.. looks cool, and came in a big sheet of like 10x20 or something like that..
            Where would I find that "contractors mesh"?
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              I used really shiny silver aluminum screen door mesh, 'cause I didn't want people to see the frame peeking out from under the plastics - Except I made the mistake of using epoxy to stick it on....Now I'm gonna have to spend the entire weekend with a dremel removing the hidden neons from between the screened areas of the fairings....
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                Dood I was goign to put my leds in the same spot as you between the fairing holes but instead put it directly on the frame behind them works just as well and easy to fasten to the frame.
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                  Doesn't the frame rail stick out into the opening slightly? You might want to double check, the rail might be in the way of the mesh


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                    On the pre98 the frame rail does stick out slightly.

                    Has anyone seen a pre98 with mesh in this area. The large opening on the side?
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                      you can get pretty much all the mesh you need at either lowe's or home depot. It comes in a big rolled up sheet, so to speak, then u just lay it out, trace out your pieces, cut it and glue it on.


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                        looks great.
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