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    Concerning all you pre's

    I have used the stock, and my current smoke tinted one. Obviously there's faded color ones, mirrored or anodized ones...

    Have any of you found any with different shapes?

    * Have any of you tried bending the a windscreen to your this even possible?

    attn Kwebbel cause I like your windscreen.

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    Kwebbel's looks custom by him, I do like it. I have seen people cut them down a little.
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    Please look at this build!


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      I always thought the zero gravity double bubble looked good, I don't know if they make them for pre's though. I'm still trying to track down a zero gravity SR series in "dark smoke" I've only found them on bike bandit and none of the e-bay sellers have the dark smoke. Oh well, the search goes on.


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        i trimmed my screen, about two inches off the top i like the look a bit better , its a 92


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          You can make your own windscreens if you really wanted too. Get some lean/plexiglass and you can vacuum form any style you want. I made a pair of headlight covers for my firebird that way.
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