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  • wind screen

    I'm havin a hard time finding a smoke wind screen, all I have found is the oem. Any good suggestion's?
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    Spray Tint.

    Should be able to buy it at your local automotive store that has a tint section (Autozone, Checker/Kregens or whatever it is called in different areas) If they don't have it in stock, see if they can order it for you. Will only take a few minutes to do, and looks pretty nice.

    Now, if you don't need to see threw it, you could get a can of black primer, and paint it up (on the inside of course, same with the tint). Did that with Bonestrosity's wind shield, and it turned out pretty good
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    • #3 is where i got mine, $39 if I remember right. It was lockhart phillips
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        Check out our member store for a good company to purchase from.
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          Part# 23-1241
          $71.99 +sh