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How Much Time Did It Take You To Paint Your Kat?

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  • How Much Time Did It Take You To Paint Your Kat?

    I removed all the bodywork from the Kat1100. Former owner did a horrible job of painting it with rattle-can prismatic purple- overspray on tail light, frame, engine, etc. Runs everywhere. No clear coat at all. I don't like anything about this paint job- can you tell?

    Gonna Easy-Off it outta there, and try again. I should wait- I have a replacement rear section coming thru fleabay, but I want to go ahead. If I need to, I'll do it all again.

    How long did it take you guys who have rattle-canned your bike to paint it? I am hoping to be done by the end of the weekend.
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    It took me a day to do mine........of course I've only painted the lower fairing, rear fairings, and the oil access cover, lol. The weathers been to nice to get into painting the main fairings. I guess I'll wait until winter to finish it.

    How are you rattle canning yours?
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      My suggestion is to take the time to do it right the first time. I took almost a month to paint mine (not using rattlecans) but this was because I took the time to sand everything and do all the bodywork to create a quality finish. The actual painting process took about 8 hours total between cleaning the pieces and painting them. If I hadn't been as busy with work and school I could've done everything in about 3-4 full days of work.

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        painted a zx10r in a down draft paint booth. took all day sat to do the bodywork and such, and all day sunday to spray and reassemble. that was two stage paint and clear.
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          I took several weeks to do mine.I was in no rush as I was still riding it naked. And the end result shows.

          I allowed a day between coats so I could properly wet sand and clear coat. You would be hard pressed to tell that it wasnt the factory paint, and yes, that was done with rattle can.