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What I did this weekend....

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  • What I did this weekend....

    A productive weekend on the Kat for me...Got my Chrome engine covers installed (Thanks Mr. Clean!), Got my Clear Alternatives Front Signals and Tail installed, Installed an LP Smoke windscreen (although maybe changing it to the Sportech Blue Chrome), Changed the Oil and Filter, Installed Russell Braided Stainless Front Brake lines,Installed a set of Chrome Bar ends, Installed a nice polished rear brake lever, and Installed the GSXF brake resevoir cover from ProMachining. Now if the snow would all melt away I'd be all set! (that and get my solo cowl painted and installed)

    Here's some pics:

    Left Side Chrome Vance & Hines Cover

    Right Side Chrome Stator Cover

    GSXF Brake Resevoir Cover

    I think I need more Shiny stuff....yeah...shiny is good......

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    Looks good. When ya gonna hack that shovel off


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      That looks sharp, great work. Yeah, hate to say it, but the shovels gots to go!!!

      She looks sweet!
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        Looking pretty good


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          Yeah I'm waiting until I get my undertail to get rid of the shovel...As soon as the undertail I have (for the wrong year) sells, I'm buyin one from The solo cowl I have has to wait until the weather will co-operate before I can paint it and get that installed....Its a neverending process...I know you all understand lol



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            Awesome Bro!!! I really like the 98+ blue and white!! Great mods!!
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            Please look at this build!


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              good work. that MC cover looks really nice. What is your exhaust can?


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                Originally posted by Zukiman
                Looks good. When ya gonna hack that shovel off
                he still needs it for all that snow he still has.

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                  excellent job man !! I love the resevior GSXF cover, great little accent !!!


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                    Looks like a Two Brothers can.
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                      Originally posted by arsenic13
                      What is your exhaust can?
                      Yup...Its a Two Brothers Racing C2 X-metal Carbon Fiber Can