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new paint job???

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  • new paint job???

    i have a red 2001 katana i was wondering if anybody knew a rough estimate of how much it will cost to get the bike totally repainted just one solid color that will look really clean?? it has already been repainted once so it does not have any decals or stickers on it but if anybody has any idea how much it will cost that would help. i'm just looking for an rough estimate so i know how much to expect to have to spend.thanks.

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    You'll need to do some checking around at local shops. The prices can greatly vary depending on paint, color, coats and what kind of shape the plastic on your bike is in.
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      I think I once looked into it and found online prices in the $500 range... but that was a long time ago.
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        I'm in the process of getting mine painted by this guy for $700. He was referred to me by a car auto paint store. He does excellent work, but has a turn around time frame of 3 weeks!! That sucks, but it better be worth it!