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question about corbin seat

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  • question about corbin seat

    I was looking at a corbin seat & according to the website its for a 93 - 95 katana 750. I have an '89 750 & was wondering if anyone know if theres any reason that the seat wouldn't work on my motorcycle...

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    I beleive the whole seat set-up is different between the pre 98's and the post 98's.
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      Lou you really need to start reading before you post.
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        1989-1997 Katana 750 seats are interchangeable between all 89-97 750's.
        I had a corbin seat for a minute (didn't fit my bum) on my 89 before selling it to "MD86". If I remember right the ad I bought it from said it was originally on a 93.

        Basic rundown
        88-97 600 seats are only interchangeable to 88-97 600's

        88-97 750 seats are only interchangeable to 88-97 750's

        98-present 600 and 750 seats are interchangeable with all 600 and 750 seats 98-present but there was a cover change in 03 so 99-02 and 03-05 look slightly different but the pan and mounts are the same.

        Most of the things you will come across for your pre98 750 will have the wrong year listed (like Corbin does) but with the exception of the wiring harness every part on an 89-97 Kat 750 is interchangeable with every other 89-97 Kat 750. 88's were a bastard year and have lots of things that were only used that one year but still about 90% of them is interchangable.

        Your going to have this same question if you try to buy braded lines or most other parts. If it says any year 89-97 750 it will fit.
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          Originally posted by BraadaJim
          88's were a bastage year and have lots of things that were only used that one year but still about 90% of them is interchangable.
          I 2nd that... but that makes them unique also!
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            BraadaJim, thanks for the info. I figured it should work, just wanted to double check.