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Cleaning the Engine Block

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  • Cleaning the Engine Block

    Does anyone know what I can use as a cleaning agent to clean my engine block? It is painted black so I have to be very careful as to what chemical I use, so the paint doesn't come off.

    Also I want to clean the frame and it is the same situation. I want it really really clean so it doesn't get dirty after a few rides. I have the engine out so it will be easy access to both the engine block and frame.

    thanks in advance!
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    I like the Honda cleaner for painted area's. It is a spray.
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      believ it or not I use Dow bathroom cleaner. It really work just as good as the block cleaners from napa and costs halph as much.
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        Purple Muclse cleaner . Breaks up oil and grime GREAT . Just spray it on , wait a few minutes , and hose it off . I TRY to only spray it on certain area though , and not all over the place .
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          Originally posted by md86
          Purple Muclse cleaner . Breaks up oil and grime GREAT . Just spray it on , wait a few minutes , and hose it off . I TRY to only spray it on certain area though , and not all over the place .
          x2 I used that stuff on my yamaha to clean it up b/4 I sold it. Stuff worked out great !


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            Since my engine is painted with a gloss black I've had great success using plain ol' soap and water. For a while I used S100. It worked, but no better than soap and water. MAin thing is to keep up with it and don't allow dirt and grime to build up.

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              I go with something called simple green, it works great on anything and everything, i've used it on some painted things and it didn't seem to hurt them any.


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                I used Corey. He does a pretty good job.
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                  Well i have been painting cars for 5 years and any store bought cleaner usually will not harm the paint. This is what i use, Castrol SUPERCLEAN consentrate straight, spray some on there and let it sit for a few minutes, the use a power washer and wash it off then reaply and was off again. same will work for the frame.


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                    Orange oil here.. Try to be friendly to the earth..
                    but then I wash off all the oil don't i??
                    I used cheap degreaser and tooth brush for the tough parts. I actually used a spray bottle with clean water to "hose" off the engine (great for getting those hard to reach spots). I used my oil catch pan to collect a lot of it.
                    That I bottled up and will send to the city HAZMAT collection..

                    Niether stained the paint..


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                      if possible, than use S100 (If you can get it in the USA...)!! Spray it on, wait a few minutes and then hose it of. If needed use a brush before hosing.
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                        409 works well.