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Old Graphic Removal

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  • Old Graphic Removal

    Ok, I have graphics that have been on the bike for 10 years now. They are hard as hell to get off. I have tried heat, denatured ammonia. Nothing happening. They are on pretty good. I am worried about the paint coming off with the stickers. Any advise? More heat?
    Mikey B.
    '95 Katana 600
    Line-X Kat

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    I wouldn't worry about the paint that much - first off, when you take off a 10 year old decal there will be nice bright paint under it - which will not match the faded paint on the bike. So you end up with the decal in reverse....

    On my 90 I had to use a razor blade to peel the edges up on some of mine... then heat, WD40, Goo Gone, etc...
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      I used a hairdryer, held and inch or 2 from the decal. Warm it up and then start to peel back 1 corner of it, with ur finger nail, or tweezers. Once u get it started, and pull it SLOWLY, it should come right off. Just keep goo gone or something similar handy, cuz u'll have some residue to get off once ur finished.


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        I used a heat gun with a plastic putty knife. The decal was easy it is the residue that is a pain to get off.
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          Hairdryer , but never got the glue residue off . Couple more trips sliding down the street oughtta do it , though ...
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