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  • carbon fiber

    Hey guys.
    I want to paint my katana.
    Today I was browsing ebay and
    came across this
    What do you think? Instead of painting
    just to use the vinyl or make it all carbon fiber.
    Seems to be cheaper also.

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    been discussed a few times....vinyl although cheaper is less durable than paint and will age quickly. stone chips and scratches will require the entir panel to be recovered. In my opinion, paint is still a far better option. Others don't agree.


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      I have used it for small projects like my dash..
      In large areas it looks bogus. Any areas where you need to stretch it or it curves? Forgetaboutit. Looks naff..
      For a side panel of a bike? I wouldn't recommend it.


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        Nah, go with paint man, you'll be happier. The biggest critic on your bike will be you, and if you're anything like the rest of us here, then you won't settle for a sub par job.

        Although painting may require a good amount of skill, lots of time and patience, good products, and more money than the vinyl, I think you'll be happy with the end result.
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          vinyl probably can be used with great results. and if you apply it right, it might look great. and for sure it is cheaper than paint.

          but like these guys is not as durable and will fade quicker. and when that happens and you decide it is time for a change, you will swear your ass off removing all that vinyl.
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