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where to buy 1995 fairings in 2020

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  • where to buy 1995 fairings in 2020

    the year is 2020 and while most people are thinking about a virus, I'm thinking the plastic on my bike has a lot of holes (yes, I *could* repair it), but is also old and brittle. Where can I find new plastic for my '95 katana 750 now? preferably unpainted, cuz I wanna put my own paint job on it, but if it has color already, that can be worked with. I see the chinese kits list '98 and onward, but according to another article on this site, I suspect those won't work for me.
    Anyone help?

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    I have ONE main fairing here I'd love to get rid of........been on the shelves for over a decade!!
    It is broken in places but it's all there, including the little inside top winglets.
    It has been plastic welded but needs putty, primer, etc.
    EMAIL me if you are interested:
    [email protected]
    I've owned over 70 Katanas - you think I know anything about them?
    Is there such a thing as TOO MANY BIKES?
    Can you go TOO FAST on a bike?
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      Doing the same search. Only thing I have found is Airtech:


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        putting this here for those who may stumble across this from internet searches in the future: had everything I needed for a reasonable price (though expensive shipping). Good pictures for everything they sell, good packaging, prompt order to ship time. They have lots of parts, even for old bikes.


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          Chiming in here, I have Pre '98 GSX600F Fairings available:

          Both main fairings are brand new from Maier Mfg. still in bags. one is black, one is white.
          Both bottom fairings are brand new from Maier Mfg. Black, in bag.
          Under headlight fairing is used, red.
          Rear fairings are lightly used. red and black.

          I can get some pictures if you are interested.