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Fuel tank plugging

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  • Fuel tank plugging

    Hey guys, I am trying to remove all the gunk and rust in my tank but am unsure about how to plug the petcock and fuel level hole. I already tried duck tape and gorilla tape and had no success. I have seen some people talk about tapered silicone plugs but cant find any to fit either hole. Any suggestions or tips?

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    I spent about $30 at my local machine shop and had them cut some sheet metal.
    Then go the the auto parts store and buy gasket making material. Mine came in sheets of four that consisted of a gas resistant rubber, oil resistant cork, oil resistant paper and some other shit I cant remember at this moment. Anyway, you just cut out what ever shape you need.
    So about $40 after all said and done.
    If you try wood or any other material, your just going to have to find longer bolts. Which in my opinion, just going to the damn machine shop seems easier... Fuck it !

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, that $30 at the machine shop was for three plates. One for the petcock, One for the gas guage sending unit, and one for the top lid. So really, $10 a piece.
    FYI, Its easier to drain the acid from the petcock hole.

    EDIT: One last thing, you can sell those plates to someone here when your done.
    I still have mine in my storage room. They're about 10years old now, so I'll probably end up using again at some point.
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      Thank you katanarider I'm all for this I will be getting this done hopefully this week.


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        I've found painters masking tape, multiple layers always worked out best for me.

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          WIll keep that in mind Kreylyn, thanks! Just wondering and not because I happened to lose it or anything.....but I need to find a new gas cap for my tank does anyone know if the post kat ones will work for the pre kats? I looked them up and they both look slightly different but possibly close enough to work. I tried to post attachments but the site wont let me.


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            I haven't tried the tape method, but multiple people claim it works. Nor have I tried the POR 15 kit, yet. However, what gets me is I don't understand how the tape can hold up to that acid. Maybe POR15 uses a different eching chemical than the Kreeme brand. I've had my tank "Kreemed" for 10+ years and its still doing ok as far as I can tell. But anyway, I literally *flung a few drops* of some of that acid on my holly bushes in front of my house. The next day the leaves had fallen off the branches. Granted, the branch ends probably were not more that a few thousandths thick, but still thats pretty
            As for the gas cap, I recommend a screw on type. After I Kreemed my tank the lip was coated pretty heavily and the stock lid would require me either me to grind or cut the pretty coating. Now hear this, I used extra bottles of Kreem Liner to improve the longevity. Which now that I think about it, thats probably why I haven't any truely negative things to report about the Kreeme Product. Well, other that its a total mess while your pouring the excess out and you can't really use any solvents in your gas after its lined. For instance, if you want to run a carb cleaning solution in the fuel, it will eat the liner. Not sure if POR15 does that or not.
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