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A decal idea, or just stupid?

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  • A decal idea, or just stupid?

    Hey everybody..

    There's something I want to do to my bike that is low cost and I think would really bring out some life on the tail fairings...

    I have a Pre 98 600 and I am wondering why no one ever thought to produce a decal that can be placed over that stupid silver/grey think on the back fairing?

    I'm talking about this:

    If a decal was produced to completely cover this, it would be possible to give it any color you want- but the color that interests me is chrome. I think the silver/grey is stupid looking, and real chroming for something like that is completely impractical. But if you had a decal measured and cut to fit exact, you could make it Chrome, Gold Mirror, or any other color with ease.

    I know the surface isn't completely flat, it's slightly beveled, but I'm sure that could be worked through. At any rate.. it would be a cheap and easy way to add a little spice to that part of the bike. (And I'm the type that thinks painting it the same color as the rest of your bike looks kind of stupid).

    I've been thinking of just getting some chrome tape and cutting it out over it.. but I can't find one just wide enough to cover it at it's widest part (and it has to be all one piece.. otherwise it will look like tape). Is there any suggestions on this? Is it possible to just get a sheet of that chrome vinyl with the sticky on the other side and I can just cut it to fit? Where can I get that?

    What do you guys think?

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    I painted mine to match the bike.

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      Re: A decal idea, or just stupid?

      Originally posted by Genkenx2
      ...Is it possible to just get a sheet of that chrome vinyl with the sticky on the other side and I can just cut it to fit? Where can I get that?
      I can get you sheets of vinyl, any color, including gold mirror, carbon fiber, and chrome, pm me some dimensions you'd need and I'll get you a price...

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      Originally posted by EmpiGTV
      You know why you shouldn't hold in your farts? Because they'll travel up your spine and into your brain. That's where shitty ideas come from.


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        yea, mine is painted to match my bike as well, and looks much better IMHO. SEQX34 have put mesh in the spaces there and that looks pretty good as well. Here is what his looks like.

        (sorry for linking your pic SEQX34)

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          lol I know most people here with pre-98's paint it the color of the rest of the bike. But I #1 don't have the resources to make it match perfectly and #2 just a matter of personal taste.. when it's painted the same color and I see it I just think "I wonder what that thing used to look like" (like.. coming from the mindset of someone not a katrider looking at the bike).

          Don't hate me for it, I <3 you all.

          Oh.. and I'll send that PM, thanks!


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            Can't you just rattle can it chrome?? I've done this on car parts that were plastic/metal, and they came out looking real nice..

            my 2c..


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              the picture you see in my first post is "chrome" by Duplicolor.. and it wasn't very satisfying personally... I want a good solid reflective coat.


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                I tried the chrome paint as well (since we already had a can here at the house). It turned out looking like aluminum when it was finished (even with clear and polished). I ended up painting mine black.

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                  Yeah I've been lurking in your paint job topics for a while slacker and I saw what you did to it. I think you did a fantastic job with the rattle can. (I'd be interested in doing something like that.. but I love the paint job I had on my bike when I bought it so much I only really wanna touch up what was screwed up when previous owner dropped it).

                  I like how it looks with the black because your bike has a black/orange theme and it keeps the flow nice. My bike is black/silver flake with chrome decals on it so I'd like to go with the black and chrome theme (with the yellow rims I suppose) and that's why I wanted to chrome that part on the fairing.

                  I've been thinking about ideas to meld the yellow rims in with the rest of the bike.. It came with Gold Bar ends and I think that puts the yellow in nicely.. I know I'm definately doing the Gutter Mesh mod on the front fairings, initially planning on keeping it the aluminum color, but now I've been thinking about how it would look gold or yellow.