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need to buy a right front turn signal

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  • need to buy a right front turn signal

    does anyone have a right turn signal they can spare? or want to let it go for pretty cheap? i just have had the worst luck imaginable.

    while i was out on the run couple of weeks ago and hit a gravel patch (Lubbock sucks) and it put me into the curb and messed up the whole side of the bike, broke the right mirror, snapped the knocker in half, and shattered the windshield. it was still rideable and i wasnt too badly hurt so i actually rode it home. it was rideable and everything and i got all the parts in and fixed it, went to dallas this past weekend to move more of my stuff to LBK and loaded the bike in the back of the moving truck.

    when i was unloading it, i was slowly and carefully rolling it down the ramp and the ramp was either wet or had something slick on it and the rear tire started slipping and we couldnt hold the bike up anymore and it fell on the other side now and broke off my left mirror and bent my left handle bar. doesnt look like too bad of a fix just need a mirror. just the worst luck ever. have never ever even dropped a bike b4. but i still need a right turn signal. Does anyone have one!??!?!?!?!

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    I have two amber colored turn signal lenses if thats what you need the lenses


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      well i actually need the whole turn signal. the whole thing was cracked and broken.


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        gimmie a few days to get in my new ones and I can send you mine. NC


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          ok sweet man!! preciate it!!