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    Well, I got my boltz from this place...... Not sure what I think. It turns out I needed more then just the boltz but the main issue I had was with the powder coating or some sort of spray they used to color them black.

    The color was great, however my tools would not fit into the boltz completly because of the build up inside from the black. So that was a little annoying when the tool kept sliping out.

    I am very happy with the color and that I now don't have any shiny metal chrome standing out on my bike......

    Just thought I would put this out there...

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    I got a kit from them as well. I did not care for their color's, so I ordered "chrome".

    When I got the bolts (site says 2-3 days, took me over a week to get mine), they were not chrome, but the same finish as stock.

    Either way, for less then $55 shipped, I am happy with the kit.
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      yeah that is pretty much my feeling and it took @2 biz weeks for me to get them....


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        wasnt mojoe making up kits?