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Need help with painting

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  • Need help with painting

    I'm in the process of painting my lower fairings black along with the passenger grab rail. Now I've painted fairings before using lacquer paints and they turned out pretty good, but they weren't quite as durable as I would've liked and they didn't have the depth of gloss that I wanted (especially in direct sunlight). For the passenger grab handle from what I understand I should use paint stripper to strip it down to bare metal, then prime it and paint. For the fairings I should just scuff up the factory paint so the new stuff has something to adhere to. Now the actual paint process is where I get confused. First of all what brand of paint should I use (rattle can)? I know to paint light layers but how long should I allow each layer to dry before applying the next? And my last question, do I let the final color coat cure before applying the clear coat or do I wetsand the color coat before applying the clear coat? Thanks for the help guys, I really want these pieces to turn out halfway decent.

    2002 Katana 600
    1999 Ford F150

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    Read Sweet Lou's how to..
    It is fun and informative..

    Personally I wouldn't strip the grab rail, I did and it took forever..


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      why strip the grab bar? I just painted my friends katana with Dupont Base Coat/Clear Coat and all I did was scuff it with a gray scotch bright. May I also ask why laquer? Base/Clear can come up to look almost as deep and is FAR more durable...