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"fine tuning" your paintjob

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    Originally posted by Tokalosh View Post
    RUS777 I think Mojoe has already answeard your question.

    wow....4 coats of primer and 6 coats of base. no wonder you have orange peel. it's probably too late now, but I would sand as much of it off as i could and apply just one good coat of base that would cover it.

    people seem to think you have to lay on 3-4 coats of base, when all you need is one good one. maybe two if your base is a light color. all you need is complete coverage.

    oh, and since this post is so old, and I NEVER come in here to read it (well, once in a blue moon at most), you will have a better chance at getting an answer if you pm me.
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      ive done great


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        Ive read this entire thread and I am naive to paint and what to do. I just got my bike back from the paint guy and as nice is it looks, its definately not perfect by any means. Im happy...BUT the painter said to use 1200 grit and wet sand the entire bike...well I don have the arm power for
        Someone else said to use G3 compound and buff the plastics and the blemishes should come out and it will be nice and shiney. The wax the crap out of it.

        As anyone heard of this product and/or used it before?

        Im going to grab so oil and do an oil change in the morning and was going to search to find this G3 stuff.
        So if I dont have the arm power to do the wet sanding can i just buff and was??? I tried Meguirs tongiht and it shined it but the blemishes didnt budge.


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          Take it back to the painter, that should be part of his process


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            Originally posted by T McCall View Post
            Take it back to the painter, that should be part of his process
            +1 A paintjob isn't 'done' until it has been cut and polished, IMO.

            Another thing, do not use 'wax', use a good quality polish, like Perfect It Hand Glaze from 3M.

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            Originally posted by EmpiGTV
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              I don't have the choice to take it back to the painter, long story but the short of it is that it was to never go to this painter in the beginning, my boyfriend was trying to me out so he will be the one doing the "sanding" part but he heard of the G3 stuff so I was hoping someone out there had heard ofit, apparently he has seen it used and said it looks amazing.

              If I was wait for him to sand it then Iwon't be riding this year, sadly enough the painter had my bike 6 weeks before it was done and ready to where I could pick it not wasting time on him at the moment.

              Off to Napa......hope it works...ill post pics later!!


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                I have a full bottle of G3 sitting on the shelf. I tried's ok. still prefer Mopar over anything, and you can find it at any Dodge dealership....or should be able to. not only do I find it works best, it's also under $10 a bottle.

                but like others have stated, your painter should have done that for you. I would have done it for you just for the simple fact that I won't let any work leave my shop unless it is a close to perfect as I can possibly get it.
                I don't have a short temper. I just have a quick reaction to bullshit.


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                  Well this looks like it has just saved me quite a bit of money, my whole bike is like this ( was bought as a bit of a rideable project) and i was looking at a respray or replacing the panels

                  nice one


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                    dont see the pictures
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                      I just repainted mine and need to know whats next. I put 4 coats of clear coat and a friend said to wetsand with 2000 grit. After the wetsand, whats next?

                      Took the tank down to bare metal and the plastics sanded down to fix blemishes


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                        If the 4 coats of clear went on perfect with no runs anywhere I would leave it alone for a while. If you have to wetsand or want to, 1000 grit to 2000 grit will work fine, I used meguiars ultimate compound and then the polish. I recommend not using a buffer wheel ( unless your really carefull !! ) because I burned through some edges on my tank & the only fix to that mess is a complete re- spray. A big bag of wal mart microfiber cloths will help with the compound and polish . Did you spray the bike yourself?


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                          It's a real shame the pics are gone...