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  • New grips

    OK before every one makes fun of me, yes I still have the original grips on my bike. Done laughing now? Anyway I was looking at new grips and got to wondering if a set of anti vibe grips like the kind used on cruisers would work on my Kat? What is the handle bar diameter anyway?

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    its all good..i still have the original grips on as well, grips are a real easy mod to do, that really helps set off your bike. I know rockadaous has some sweet grips on his.


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      I was just thinking the same thing some nice like gel grips. Anyways the bars are 7/8 in. Pretty standard size there should be a huge selection of grips.
      '92 Kat restoration/mod project


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        I went through several sets of "gel" grips before I came back to the stock ones -- which turned out to be just as gel-like as all the gel grips I tried by various manufacturers. If you're getting vibration issues, look at your bar ends (stock or heavier is better), whether the bar extensions are bent (a slight mismatch in bend between them can cause bad vibrations), whether your front tire is balanced and then consider adding weight to your bar extensions (either in the form of a product called a bar snake, or simply filling them with BB's held in place with caulk or epoxy).

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          i like the good ole gel ones too liek cyber said


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            and u wonder why you are limited in posts