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  • Bubble Removal

    Okay before anyone says anything, I have tried to search without any success. I have a '91 750 and was thinking about cutting out the bubble in the fairings that go over the crank case covers, think kind of like the 98+ Kats. Does anyone have a picture of this done, any thoughts or comments on it. And would it take away some structural integrity of the fairings, both upper and lower, since I would be cutting into both. And if it does weaken the fairings could I just fiberglass the back of the fairing to reinforce it, or would the engine heat mess up the fiberglass? Thanks in advanced.

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    Seems like a lot of work but go for it..
    Personally I would plastic weld it. Search for tip on that. Fiberglass takes a lot of work to get it to stick to the ABS right..